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Chinese Hot Pot dipping sauces

Dipping Sauces

Popular appetizers like spring rolls and potstickers just wouldn’t taste the same without a flavorful dipping sauce. But did you know they’re also great for livening up a main dish?

Below are descriptions of popular Chinese dips and suggestions for pairing them with appetizers or main dishes.(Note: Unless otherwise specified, do not add dips directly to the food, but serve in a small bowl or cruet at the table)

Authentic Dipping Sauces

Chili Oil
Chile Sauce
Hoisin Dipping Sauce
Hot Mustard - Basic Recipe
Hot Pepper Oil
Jalapeno Pepper Chili Oil
Peanut Sauce - Chinese Style
Peanut Sauce - With Coconut Milk
Plum Sauce with Allspice
Potsticker Dipping Sauce
Szechuan Salt Pepper Mix
Sichuan Chile Sauce
Soy and Ginger Dressing
Sweet and Sour Fish Sauce (Vietnamese)
Sweet and Sour Sauce (with brown sugar)
Sweet and Sour Sauce (with ketchup and Worcestershire Sauce)
Sweet and Sour Sauce (with black rice vinegar)
XO Sauce

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