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Bowl of Delicious Rice

About Rice

It has been estimated that half the world's population subsists wholly or partially on rice. Ninety percent of the world crop is grown and consumed in Asia. American consumption, although increasing, is still only about 25 lb (11 kg) per person annually, as compared with 200 to 400 lb (90–181 kg) per person in parts of Asia. Rice is the only major cereal crop that is primarily consumed by humans directly as harvested, and only wheat and corn are produced in comparable quantity. Plant breeders at the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines, attempting to keep pace with demand from a burgeoning world population, have repeatedly developed improved varieties of “miracle rice” that allow farmers to increase crop yields substantially. 

Authentic Rice Dishes

Basic Cooked Rice

Alva's "Jook" - Chinese Style Turkey Soup
Congee (Jook) With Turkey

Fried Rice:
Basic Fried Rice
Fried Rice With Ham
Pork Fried Rice
Quick and Easy Pineapple Fried Rice
Shrimp Fried Rice
Sun Ya Rice
Yangchow (Yangzhou) Fried Rice

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