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Peking cuisine

About Northern China / Peking Cuisine

Peking has always been a great intellectual and cultural center.  This is also the site of the Imperial Palace and has exerted great cultural influence over time.  Its influence extended all over the northern plains, including Beijing; the fertile east, watered by the Yangtse river.  Peking was the gourmet capital of China until the 17th century.  Peking had a reputation of holding mammoth feasts and banquets attracting the country's best chefs.  Many of today’s Chinese restaurants draw inspiration from the imperial style which has red brocade, tasseled lanterns and lacquer furnishings.

The northern region of China reaches into the hostile climate of Mongolia -- land of the Gobi Desert and Arctic winter winds. Mongolian influence on this school has been the use of mutton and lamb.  The cold region of the North is not suitable for rice cultivation so, wheat, barley, millet and soybeans are the staples; breads and noodles anchor the meal. Vegetables and fruits -- cabbage, squash, pears, grapes, and apples -- are the most popular. 

Authentic Northern China Dishes

Almond Delight
Chicken Velvet
Chicken with Walnuts
Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce
Flower Rolls (Hua Juan, Hua Chuan)
Mandarin Crepes
Mongolian Beef with Vegetables
Mongolian Lamb Hot Pot
Mu Shu Pork
Northern Chinese Vegetable Potstickers
Peking Style Fried Tofu
Salty Soybean Milk Soup
Shrimp with Green Tea Leaves
Sweet Soybean Milk (Dou Jiang)

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