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Breakfast Cuisine

Chinese breakfast often consists of rice complemented by small amounts of vegetables, meat or fish. Eggs dishes and toast are rarely seen.

In many parts of China, dim sum (translation: "heart's delight") is enjoyed in the morning. Westerners might equate dim sum to a sampler of appetizers. Fried and steamed dumplings are always popular for dim sum.

One great place to sample Chinese breakfast food is Taiwan. The tiny leaf-shaped island off China's southern coast is one of the world's best places for fantastic Chinese food. And the cooking starts at sunrise on almost every block in residential areas in the island's densely populated cities.

Authentic Breakfast Dishes

Congee (Jook)
Congee (Jook) with leftover turkey
Crullers (Deep-fried devils, You tiao)
Egg Foo Yung
Egg Foo Yung - Restaurant Style, Deep-fried
Egg Foo Yung - Spicy Egg Foo Yung with Shrimp
Salty Soybean Milk Soup
Spring Onion Hotcake (Scallion Pancakes)
Sweet Soybean Milk (Dou Jiang)

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